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CELA Researchers Suggest Useful Framework for Studying Professional Development

Link: http://cela.albany.edu/newslet/fall99/smaggrossvalen.htm

Summary of the report, Appropriating Conceptual and Pedagogical Tools for Teaching English: A Conceptual Framework for Studying Professional Development by Pamela Grossman, Peter Smagorinsky, Sheila Valencia. They propose that activity theory-following from the work of Vygotsky (1987), Leont'ev (1981), Wertsch (1981), Cole (1996), and others-provides a useful framework for studying the conceptual development of teachers. Activity theory's emphasis on the settings in which development takes place distinguishes it from theoretical perspectives that assume that teaching is a solitary profession. It shifts attention instead to the social and cultural factors that mediate development in particular contexts,

  • Author/Creator: Center on English Learning and Achievement
  • Resource Availability: 200 OK

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