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Team Development

  • What is collaborative planning?
    Overview of the concept of collaboration, how to get started and links to other resources.
  • Building a Committed Team
    Describes the value of teams, highlight experts in this area, and links to resources for building teams.
  • Enlist Colleagues in Reflection and Planning
    Newsletter (Summer 2000) describing the value of collaboration and links to examples.
  • Leadership & Teams
    Toolkit developed by the National School Boards Association. Topics include:Leadership Qualities Leadership Self-Assessment Leadership Teams Team Climate Survey Dealing with Conflict Communication Styles Behavioral Styles Leadership Anecdotes .
  • Notes & Reflections, Winter 2002
    Gives directions for the following tools:Tools and Facilitator NotesConsensogramA statistical survey that measures a group's perception of effort, commitment, and understanding.Five WhysDetect the root cause of a problem or situationThink, Pair, ShareKeep your audience engaged and check their understanding.Interview Design ProcessEspecially useful for collecting baseline information about that group.