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Action Research

  • Action Research
    Overview of the concept of action research, how to get started and links to other resources, such as a chapter from an ASCD book on action research.
  • Action Research Network, Ireland
    Provides action researchers with links to international resources. (Note: Last update 3/1/99).
  • Action Research Resources
    Action Research International Journal provides resources, links, and articles on action research.
  • Action Research/Teacher as Researcher
    Resource links to articles on action research.
  • Ask ERIC
    Good resource for action researchers to find research on specific topics.
  • Classroom Action Research
    Describes the action research process used in the Madison Metropolitan School District.
  • Educational Research
    Resources for teachers involved in action research. Provides information for math and science education.
  • Educational Research Network
    Ed Links component searches other resources based on keyword.
  • Ethical Standards of AERA
    Provides standards for researchers in their work with human subjects. Good resource for leader of action research program.
  • League of Professional Schools
    Provides an overview of the League of Professional Schools. Action research is a primary component of this school reform model.
  • Pathways: Action Research
    Defines action research and provides suggested reading.
  • Teacher Research
    Focuses on an action research model, Instructional Improvement through Inquiry and Collaboration (IITIC). Provides model research questions and rationale for teacher research.
  • Teacher-Researcher Network
    Demonstrates how one school system supports action research. The system supports action researchers, produces a newsletter and organizes an annual conference for presentation of teacher research.
  • The Ontario Action Researcher
    Electronic journal for teachers at all levels.